BEST OF SPAIN WINECOURSE in Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands

Getting to understand a wine region, country or varietal can only be really well done by getting to know it’s best examples. At least, that is the philosophy of Master of Wine Frank Smulders; one of Europe’s leading wine lecturers and experts on the wines of Spain.

Spain is the largest wine country in the world, producing not only classics like Rioja and Sherry, but also   ‘new classics’  like Ribera del Duero and Valdeorras. And though many people around the world love it’s wines, only few have a good understanding of them.

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SPANISH WINE FORUM No. 1 February 28th / 29th

A two day educational event about wines from Spain with leading winemakers, speakers and lots of great wines to taste. Special guest: GARNACHA!

WHERE:                      Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Restaurant ZARZO

DATES:                        Sunday February 28th an Lees verder


Earlier this week Rioja top producer ARTADI announcedit was going to do what it had threatened to do already a year ago, which is leaving the DOCa Rioja. From what I see at social media many wine lovers seem to applaud this step, knowing however, little about the backgrounds of it.

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